Robowaiter Improvements possible in Project

Results and Discussions This project not only helped us in getting a grasp on Arduino but also taught us to work as a team. We completed our project on time. We achieved all of our goals, so we had time to make further Robowaiter improvements. If we had time, we could have still made alterations … Read more

Robowaiter Control and Path Design for Project

Robowaiter Control And Path Design

Robowaiter Control and Path Design included Robowaiter Control and Path Design Motion Control Logic Motion control is achieved by the collaboration of the IR Sensors and H-bridges. The Robot starts its motion towards the destination only if the order is placed on it. After the placement of order, the Robot is assigned destination with the … Read more

Robowaiter Interfacing and Integration in Project

Robowaiter Interfacing and Integration includes Robowaiter Interfacing and Integration Sensors Interfacing For IR sensor interfacing we have used serial monitor in Arduino. The serial monitor displays the value read by the sensor on a window. So by using these values, we set threshold value. IR line tracker Interfacing IR line tracking sensors give the following … Read more

Robowaiter Modules used in Robowaiter Project

In this section, we will describe, in detail, the purpose and working of Robowaiter Modules used in the project. Robowaiter Modules The H-Bridge Modules The first in the Robowaiter Modules is the H-Bridge. H-Bridges are basically used for controlling the direction of the Motors. The direction of rotation of Motor is reversed by changing the … Read more

Robowaiter Interfacing Circuitry Proteus

H Bridge

Robowaiter Interfacing Circuitry The H-Bridge The H-Bridge comes first in Robowaiter Interfacing Circuitry. The H-Bridge is mainly used for applying PWM to the motors. The following diagram shows the interfacing of the H-Bridge with Arduino. The H-Bridge pins can only be used for PWM control if we connect its input pins to PWM pins of Arduino. … Read more