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Robowaiter Control and Path Design for Project

Robowaiter Control and Path Design included

Robowaiter Control and Path Design

Motion Control Logic

Motion control is achieved by the collaboration of the IR Sensors and H-bridges. The Robot starts its motion towards the destination only if the order is placed on it. After the placement of order, the Robot is assigned destination with the help of keypad. When the table number is assigned with the help of keypad the Robot starts to move towards the destination. The Robot moves forward if only the center sensor is on the white line. It turns left if the right sensor is on the white line while it turns right if the right sensor is on the white line.

Destination Control

The destination is assigned to the Robot with the help of the keypad. Once the destination is assigned the Robot starts moving on the path. The turns and the destination are detected when all the IR sensors read the white line which is achieved by making a white line perpendicular to the path at the turns and the destination i.e. Tables. In this way, Robot is able to take turns and go to the particular destination and deliver the order.

Path Designing

The path is designed with the help of white reflective tape and black charts. At the turns, a white line is drawn perpendicular to the path. The same is done for the destination. Due to the large size and weight of the Robot sharp turns are avoided for smooth movement of the Robot on its path. The path is shown in the figure.

Robowaiter Control And Path Design
Path For Robot

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