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Robowaiter Improvements possible in Project

Results and Discussions

This project not only helped us in getting a grasp on Arduino but also taught us to work as a team. We completed our project on time. We achieved all of our goals, so we had time to make further Robowaiter improvements. If we had time, we could have still made alterations to the design of the Robot path.

Future Robowaiter Improvements

During the entire course of our project and at the end we always had ideas of how we could improve upon certain things. We couldn’t always act on them because it would have disturbed our timeline. A few of the improvements which we thought we could accomplish later on in this project are listed as follows

Adding on more functions for more better navigation

  • Using better range sensors, which we could not do because they exceeded our budgets
  • Using more sensors for the precise movement of the Robot on the line.
  • Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance behavior
  • Voice to text module can be added to the robot can speak the assigned phrases (like Table number)

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