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Robowaiter: Introduction to Robowaiter Project

The project Robowaiter sets out to achieve the line following behavior. It is designed to take destination from the user via keypad and using line tracking sensors to reach the destination. It consists of a completely custom design from top to bottom for both hardware and software.

The term ‘robot’ basically refers to a machine which is capable of performing complex tasks which can be with or without human supervision. It is basically the complexity of the design which dictates how well the robot carries itself around. The task at hand was to construct such a robot that resembles the appearance and performs the job of a waiter. The platform is made rugged and robust enough so that it can be used to perform an exceedingly complex task.

Robowaiter Flow Diagram
Flow Diagram

Problem Statement

The basic problem statement, in short, is “to achieve autonomous behavior on a mobile robot. The robot will be able to reach its exact destination while delivering order desired by the customer”

Robowaiter Project goals and objectives

As the first step of any project, we started out by clearly setting forth our goals for the project. We started in a systematic way. This is what our original objectives draft for the project looked like;

  • Design a sturdy and durable chassis
  • Selecting two H-bridges according to our requirement
  • Interfacing IR Sensors with Arduino
  • Get distance data from IR Sensors
  • Interfacing H-bridges with Arduino
  • Connecting each H-bridge with its respective motors
  • Interfacing keypad with Arduino
  • Interfacing LCD with Arduino
  • Integrate everything together
  • Testing phase
  • Debugging phase

Now that a basic idea of the purpose of this project is established. We will now move onto how we went about achieving all the tasks. The method of implementing the project is explained in the latter sections. Each and every part of Hardware is elaborated separately. 

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