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Robowaiter Modules used in Robowaiter Project

In this section, we will describe, in detail, the purpose and working of Robowaiter Modules used in the project. Robowaiter Modules The H-Bridge Modules The first in the Robowaiter Modules is the H-Bridge. H-Bridges are basically used for controlling the direction of the Motors. The direction of rotation of Motor is reversed by changing the […]

Robowaiter Interfacing Circuitry Proteus

Robowaiter Interfacing Circuitry The H-Bridge The H-Bridge comes first in Robowaiter Interfacing Circuitry. The H-Bridge is mainly used for applying PWM to the motors. The following diagram shows the interfacing of the H-Bridge with Arduino. The H-Bridge pins can only be used for PWM control if we connect its input pins to PWM pins of Arduino. […]