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HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25 Fully Funded

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HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25 Fully Funded for Pakistani students latest advertisement. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) proudly presents the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme (2024-25), a golden opportunity for Pakistani and AJ&K nationals to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, One-Tier Master’s, and PhD studies in Hungary. Here’s your comprehensive guide to this exciting scholarship program:

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-25

  • Fully funded opportunity for international students.
  • Thousands of students annually choose Hungary for Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. studies.
  • Note for Pakistani Applicants: Over 200 students from Pakistan benefit from this scholarship each year.

Key Benefits

  • Tuition Fee Coverage: No need to pay tuition fees.
  • Monthly Stipend: Financial support for living expenses.
  • Accommodation and Health Insurance: Comprehensive coverage is provided.
  • Air Ticket: Initial payment for the ticket, later reimbursed upon arrival in Hungary.
  • Schengen Visa: Allows travel to 27 European countries without a separate visa.

Scholarship Types

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships cater to Pakistani students in specific disciplines, covering programs such as:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (after 12 years of education)
  • One-Tier Master’s Degree (after 12 years of education)
  • Master’s Degree (after 16 years of education)
  • PhD Degree (after 17/18 years of education)

Hungaricum Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for this prestigious scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of Pakistan/AJ&K.
  • Academic Qualifications: For Bachelor’s and One-Tier Master’s programs: Completion of HSSC/Intermediate or equivalent before August 01, 2024.
  • For Master’s programs: Completion of 16 years of education before August 01, 2024.
  • For PhD programs: Completion of 17/18 years of education before August 01, 2024.
  • Age Limit: No upper age limit, but the minimum age for undergraduates is 18 years by August 31, 2024.
  • Application Form: Complete all fields in the Hungary application form and HEC application form.
  • Attestation: Certificates/Transcripts/Degrees must be attested by relevant authorities.
  • Equivalence: O & A level equivalence from IBCC is mandatory for Bachelor’s and One-Tier Master’s degrees.
  • Language Proficiency: Provide IELTS/TOEFL scores as required by Hungarian universities.
  • Health Condition: Submit a medical certificate of satisfactory health condition issued after November 15, 2023.
  • Commitment: Applicants must commit to not changing their discipline after the final award, returning to Pakistan after completing the degree, and serving the country for a specified period.
  • Additional Requirements: Fulfill all other requirements set by the host Hungarian university/Tempus Public Foundation/HEC.


Applications will not be considered from Pakistanis with dual citizenship or those providing incomplete or misleading information.

Financial Coverage

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship offers substantial financial coverage:

  • Tuition fees: Covered by Tempus Public Foundation.
  • Living expenses: Accommodation and health funding contribute but do not fully cover all costs. Check the expected living expenses here.

Available Programs

Applicants can apply for specified study fields as defined by HEC and Hungarian educational cooperation programs. For Medicine & Dentistry degree programs, check the list on the official website.

Choosing Your Program

  • Diverse fields are available, including computer science, business administration, medical sciences, and more.
  • Use the Study Finder or visit to explore programs and universities.

Required Documents

  • Identification: CNIC or Passport.
  • Educational Records: Mark sheets and degrees.
  • Certificates: Police and health certificates.
  • Motivational Letter: Expressing reasons for applying.
  • Language Proficiency: IELTS/EPC (in some cases).
  • Application Portals: Apply through Tempus Foundation and the HEC website.

Selection Criteria of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Factors Influencing Selection

  • Academic Performance: Previous marks or CGPA.
  • Motivational Letter and Interview: Importance in the selection process.
  • Federal Quota: Quotas established for equal opportunities across regions in Pakistan.
  • HEC Test: Critical test conducted by HEC.

Application Expenses

  • Cost Breakdown: HEC Test Fee: Rs. 1500.
  • Preparation Material: Additional expense for study materials.
  • Additional Expenses (if selected): Attestation of documents, travel expenses, and shopping.

Comparing Hungary and Germany

  • Opportunities in Germany: Germany offers prosperous opportunities.
  • Scholarship Allocation: Seats awarded to deserving students for higher education in Europe.
  • Germany’s Free Education: No tuition fees in Germany.

How to Apply for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Follow these steps to submit your application successfully:

HEC website details

For more details please visit Higher Education Commission HEC website

HEC Aptitude Test (HAT)

  • Applicants with valid Higher Aptitude Test (HAT) and Undergraduate Studies Aptitude Test (USAT) scores obtained after January 15, 2022, can submit their applications on the HEC portal.
  • The applications must be submitted through the HEC portal.
  • Applicants who have not taken the HAT or USAT tests or wish to improve their scores can register for the upcoming test.
  • To register for the test, visit
  • The upcoming test is tentatively scheduled for the end of January 2024 or the first week of February 2024.
  • The test is open for both those seeking to improve their previous scores and those taking the test for the first time.
  • Ensure that all applications and test registrations are completed within the specified timelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must be Pakistani/AJ&K citizens.
  • Requirements for each program level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) explained.
  • Various documents need to be attested and submitted.

2. Application Process:

  • Mandatory to apply on both the HEC and Stipendium Hungaricum portals.
  • The deadline for both portals is January 15, 2024.

3. Selection Criteria:

  • Factors for selection include academic background, written test score (minimum 50%), federal government quota, and interview by Hungarian authorities.

4. Accreditation:

  • Applicants must confirm accreditation for professional degrees (Medical, Engineering, etc.) from relevant councils.

5. Engineering Programs:

Undergraduate Engineering programs are not offered due to non-accreditation.

6. Application with Pending Results:

Result-awaiting candidates can apply but must submit their final degree and transcript before August 01, 2024.

7. Age Limit:

No upper age limit, but the minimum age for undergraduates is 18 years by August 31, 2024.

8. Language Proficiency (IELTS):

English Proficiency Certificate required for undergraduates; check university-specific requirements for Master’s/PhD.

9. Number of Universities to Apply:

Applicants can apply to two universities.

10. Passport and Other Certificates:

Required documents like passports, and medical & police certificates can be submitted after provisional selection.

11. Nationality Eligibility:

Only Pakistani/AJ&K nationals are eligible.

12. O/A Level Equivalence:

Equivalence for O and A levels is required.

13. Education Requirements for Programs:

Specific education requirements for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs are explained.

14. PhD Program Requirements:

Additional requirements for Ph.D. applicants include a research plan, letter of recommendation, and statement of the supervisor if required.

15. HAT or USAT Test:

All applicants must provide HAT or USAT test scores with a minimum score of 50 out of 100.

16. MS/M.Phil Scholarships:

Yes, MS/M. Phil scholarships are offered.

17. Editing Submitted Applications:

Once submitted, the application form cannot be edited or amended.

18. Financial Assistance from Other Sources:

Students already availing financial assistance/scholarships from other sources are not eligible.

19. Medical and Dentistry Fields:

Available for these fields after 12 years of education.

20. Financial Coverage Details:

Tuition fees are covered; accommodation and health funding contribute to living expenses.

21. HEC Financial Assistance:

HEC provides a contribution towards airfare after departure to Hungary.

For further details, visit the official Stipendium Hungaricum website. The application process is rigorous, and applicants are encouraged to adhere to the guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful application. Best of luck to all aspiring scholars!

HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25 Fully Funded Advertisement

Hec Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25 Fully Funded
Hec Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25 Fully Funded


Is the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship fully funded?

Yes, the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship is typically a fully-funded scholarship. It often covers tuition fees, provides a monthly stipend for living expenses, offers accommodation and health insurance, and includes an initial payment for the air ticket. The exact details may vary, so it’s essential to refer to the specific terms and conditions for the year you are applying.

What is the stipend scholarship for HEC Hungary?

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan collaborates with the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program to facilitate Pakistani students. The scholarship, including the stipend amount, is provided by the Hungarian government through the Tempus Public Foundation. The stipend is intended to cover the living expenses of the students during their studies in Hungary.

How can I get a full scholarship in Hungary?

To get a full scholarship in Hungary, particularly through the Stipendium Hungaricum program, you typically need to follow these general steps:
1. Check the eligibility criteria specified by the scholarship program.
2. Choose the appropriate level of study (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.) and field of study.
3. Complete the required application forms on both the Hungarian portal and the HEC portal.
4. Ensure that you meet all the necessary academic qualifications and submit the required documents.
5. Prepare for any required tests or interviews.
6. Adhere to the application deadlines.
7. Fulfill any additional requirements set by the host Hungarian university, Tempus Public Foundation, or HEC.

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