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Robowaiter: Arduino Mega

We used Arduino Mega 2560 as the microcontroller. The tasks divide as each module would perform its specified function either giving input to the Arduino or receiving output from it. This made the design more manageable. The keypad assigns the destination. The sensors provide data to Arduino Mega which in turn process it and control the H-bridges via this data and running the motors as per requirement. This made the movement of Robot manageable.

Block Diagram Of Arduino Mega
Block Diagram

The figure shows the block diagram of the whole project and it shows connections of components to Arduino. There is, however, an extra block in the diagram which is LCD and although it isn’t an integral part of the final hardware design, it was crucial in the entire designing phase. The LCD in the final design shows the table number assigned to which the order is going to be delivered.


Arduino is an open-source prototyping procedure platform in view of simple-to-use equipment and programming. It reads inputs from sensors, buttons or any other means and converts it into the output as per user requirement. For such tasks Arduino programming language and software interface is necessary.

Arduino Mega Controller

The purpose of using an Arduino Mega controller was that it’s quite adequate. So, we opted for Arduino because of the fact that it is a properly integrated solution.

The ATmega2560 on the Mega 2560 comes prearranged with a bootloader that permits you to transfer new code to it without the utilization of an outer equipment software or programmer. It utilizes an STK500 protocol for communication. Arduino Mega 2560 programming can be done by using Arduino Software (IDE).

  • Arduino uses ATmega2560
  • The Operating Voltage is 5V
  • Recommended input voltage 7-12 V
  • Input Voltage limit is 6-20V
  • Digital I/O Pins are 54 (15 pins for PWM output)
  • 16 Analog Input Pins
  • 20mA DC Current per I/O Pin
  • 50mA DC Current for 3.3V Pin
  • 256 KB Flash Memory
  • 8 KB SRAM
  • 16 MHz Clock Speed
  • 52 mm Length
  • 3 mm Width

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